Strengthening mission-based businesses

Cheri thinks mission-based businesses (AKA not-for-profits) are the best thing going — people in organizations and churches trying to make the world a better place. She began her career in banking and investments — and thanks to that corporate background, Cheri understands the business side of accomplishing a mission. She’s a generalist, with experience filling a number of different roles. Cheri has courted prospective clients and donors; organized fundraising, educational tours and destination events; hosted journalists on trips to developing countries and taught media engagement to UN and NGO staff in Africa; written press releases and articles and speeches and brochures; trained volunteers on setting up planning giving programs; taught financial practices and procedures to organization leaders; led seminars on personal financial literacy; and led strategic planning retreats that even the grumpy people enjoyed. She even migrated a financial system from a big messy spreadsheet to formal accounting software with official policies and procedures.

Cheri loves ideas, hearing perspectives from every level of an organization, and watching people work as a team because they’re all focused on achieving the same goal. In her spare time, Cheri likes to travel, glamp, knit, learn new stuff, strum her ukulele, and hang out with family and friends.


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