Discerning a vision, embracing tomorrow

For generations, local churches have stood at the center of American life — deepening meaning in the lives of their members, and bringing help and healing to their communities. But churches in the 21st century face a range of challenges that threaten their sustainability: declining membership, shrinking financial support, dwindling volunteers — and a growing lack of interest in what the church has always done and the way we’ve always done it. Something’s gotta change, but change rarely comes easily to communities of faith. Relatively quick fixes — contemporary music, younger staff, calls to attract young families — often prove little more than BandAids, or create entirely new sets of challenges. Churches may even have trouble imagining “church” — and all those committees and roles — beyond generations-old programs and forms.

With a range of services — from training to facilitation to in-depth explorations — we can help your church improve its systems and sustainability, explore the deeper questions of your community’s life and location, and strengthen your impact today and into the future.



  • Finance & reporting
  • Giving
  • Legacy development
  • Strengths-finding


  • Financial management
  • Policy development
  • Volunteer structures
  • Data gathering


  • Evaluating the present
  • Exploring possibilities
  • Planning experiments
  • Designing the future