Refining your approach, achieving your goals

Once upon a time, not-for-profits and churches would be forgiven for distributing less-than-polished, one-size-fits-all letters and brochures. These days, the medium can make or break your message. And each of your audiences expects to be approached in a manner that appeals to them and their values. In other words, your donors and potential supporters may be judging your organization by its “cover.” How does yours measure up?

From concept to copywriting, design to production, our professionals can craft resources that navigate the line between polished and “too expensive” — and more importantly, that get your message seen and heard. We can help you create —

  • an appealing website with all the bells and whistles — and that’s easily updated
  • brochures & materials that tell your story well
  • emails & social media engagements that keep your stakeholders informed and connected
  • videos & webinars that reach stakeholders and potential donors with valuable information
  • event and promotional booth presence that gets you noticed
  • and more

To help you make the most of your marketing and outreach efforts, we’ll also help you establish objectives and benchmarks, test your approach, evaluate your progress, and make the adjustments that will move you toward your vision.


United Church Funds brochure
Cornerstone Fund brochure
Specialty investment fund brochure
Cornerstone Fund newsletter