Corralling your data, expanding your impact

Think of all the information you manage and track and report on —

clients & partners
programs & events
donors & grants
deliverables & deadlines
trends & results

Every business needs an effective way to gather, organize, monitor and analyze their information. And ideally, one location where all that data can live together and happily interact — one place you can go for the answers you need that’s accessible and even mobile. At The Strategic Org, we’ve partnered with Salesforce.

A cloud-based, state-of-the-art solution that’s the choice of Fortune 500s and many of the nation’s top charitable organizations, Salesforce empowers you to customize your database to meet your particular needs, while offering a range of built-in features —

  • Secure, cloud-based software that’s automatically enhanced three times a year
  • An infinitely customizable platform to integrate fundraising, marketing, and management of programs, grants, events — even volunteers
  • Access to your data from any internet-connected device — with no connection required for some info
  • Endless ways to slice-and-dice your data — and to create bespoke reports and dashboards
  • Built-in scalability that grows with your organization
  • and more

As part of its commitment to giving back, Salesforce offers every eligible not-for-profit (including churches) up to 10 free enterprise-level licenses — an $18,000/year value.

Want to learn more about corralling and maximizing your data? Drop us a line today!

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