Looking ahead, creating the future

So many good ideas, so many opportunities, so many needs to meet — an organization can quickly become overwhelmed with all the ways to make a difference. To be effective, focus becomes essential. We can help you revisit your vision, refine your focus, and strengthen your team for the adventures ahead.


Ever feel you’re so busy carrying out your mission, you don’t have time to think about what’s next? You’re not alone. To remain sustainable, leaders of mission-based businesses needs to step away from time to time for some candid assessment —

  • what do we do best?
  • where do the opportunities lie in our arena? our organization?
  • how do we want our future to look?
  • what do we need to do to achieve our desired future?

We can help you craft your vision for the future — from surveying and interviewing stakeholders to collect essential data, to gathering leadership for a facilitated brainstorming session, to determining actionable next steps. We’ll help you establish your objectives, identify the individuals who need to be in the room, build a productive process, and plan an event that even the grouchy people will consider time well spent. Then we’ll take all that information and help you craft a strategic direction that’s compelling, focused, flexible, and oriented to achieve a future of growing impact.


Just as organizations evolve, boards and leaders must evolve as well. A structure or style that worked well in the early years of an organization’s life may need new policies and practices as programming expands and professional staff assume roles previously assigned to volunteers. And to attract new donors, funders and audiences, leaders must ensure board membership continues to reflect the diversity of the organization’s stakeholders. We can work with your team to —

  • explore the most effective practices for where you are — and where you want to go
  • help you refine systems and policies to position your organization for optimal agility
  • strengthen your leaders’ ability to understand financials and identify new opportunities
  • examine your structure to open your leadership to new voices and perspectives


Yes, your strategic plan can fit on one page! Sure, the tactical details will require more fleshing-out. But the big picture — where you’re headed and how you plan to get there — needs to be immediate and accessible, a guide to the decisions you make every day. No more heavy tomes getting dusty on a shelf — make a plan that’s smart, flexible and succinct.