intentional. sustainable. visionary. 

Making an impact in a changing world

You’ve heard it before: the only constant is change. And change seems to come at us faster every day. Making strategic choices has never been more critical.

A strategic organization operates intentionally, understanding what it does best and making the most of all of its resources. It pursues sustainability, ensuring its infrastructure is well-developed and its leadership agile. And it continuously looks ahead, building on strengths and ready for a future that’s likely to look different tomorrow. At The Strategic Org, we offer a range of services that helps you assess your situation, strengthen your operations, and prepare for a future that continues to make an impact in a world of change.



  • Identifying strengths
  • Evaluating opportunities
  • Focusing action
  • Analyzing results


  • Building team skills
  • Strengthening governance
  • Refining infrastructure
  • Formalizing fundraising


  • Imagining the future
  • Crafting strategy
  • Mapping a course
  • Measuring impact