Expanding your impact

Making a difference can be challenging work

Work that leaves many not-for-profit leaders yearning for the time and resources to strengthen the business side of their organization’s life. We can help you —

  • Evaluate your systems and program
  • Build a formal fundraising infrastructure
  • Create a culture of consistent, relevant data gathering and reporting
  • Manage one-off projects — from marketing to events to strategic initiatives
  • Educate and engage your board for greater effectiveness

In the 21st century, faith communities face a range of threats to their sustainability. Something’s gotta change — but quick fixes avoid the difficult question of reimagining “church” beyond its generations-old programs and norms. We can help your organization explore its future in your community’s life and location — facilitating conversations, leading retreats, even examining the prospect of closure that can lead to a new future.


Have ideas you want to explore?

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  • Understand the present
  • Envision the future
  • Define requirements
  • Create the roadmap
  • Data gathering & management
  • Policies & procedures
  • Systems & processes
  • Board retreats
  • Fundraising teams
  • Strengths-finding programs