Maximizing your data

Think of all the information you gather

And manage. And report on. Clients & partners, programs & events, donors & grants, deliverables & deadlines, trends & results. If most of that data resides in spreadsheets, we should talk.

Every business needs an effective way to compile, organize, monitor and analyze their information. And ideally, one location where all that data can live together and happily interact — one place you can go for the answers you need that’s accessible and even mobile. At The Strategic Org, we’ve partnered with Salesforce — a cloud-based, state-of-the-art solution that’s the choice of Fortune 500s and many of the nation’s top charitable organizations. Salesforce empowers you to customize your data to meet your particular needs, while offering a range of built-in features —

  • Secure, cloud-based software that’s automatically enhanced three times a year
  • A highly customizable and scalable platform to integrate fundraising, marketing, and management of people, programs, grants, events — even volunteers
  • Access to your data from any internet-connected device
  • Endless ways to slice-and-dice your data — and to create bespoke reports and dashboards

As part of its 1-1-1 commitment to giving back, Salesforce offers every eligible not-for-profit (including churches) up to 10 free enterprise-level licenses — an $18,000/year value.


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